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Faucet and fixture

Install a shower fixture to upgrade features or to replace a leaky,
Turn the diverter valve to the lower faucet position. Allow a few minutes for any water to drain out of the shower pipe. Clean the threads inside the wall pipe. Gently scrape inside threads with the head of a slotted screwdriver to check for metal debris. Wet the corner of a cleaning rag with water and pour bleach or vinegar over the corner. Stuff the soaked corner of the rag inside the threading and twist to clean out mineral deposits. Screw the taped end of the new shower arm into the water-supply pipe. Tighten by hand as far as possible. Place the cleaning rag between the shower arm and the grips of the adjustable pliers to avoid scratching as you tighten with pliers. Slip on the flange ring. If a leak drips from above the shower head, re-tape and tighten the shower-head nut.